Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

  • When renting with Rio’s Rack you are automatically agreeing to our T&C’s.
  • T&C’s may change over time, please read before you rent with us each time.


When renting please ensure the following

  • Rentals can only be worn by the customer once per rental.
  • Prices may change over time for more or less.
  • Once we receive payment then confirmation will be sent.
  • We may, if necessary, refuse to rent a dress at any given time.
  • You are not an owner of the rental; all garments are owned by the supplier.


Stolen or Lost Rental

  • You as a renter are liable and will be charged the full RRP in NZD (displayed on website) or an agreed amount by the supplier.



  • If the dress is damaged, including the following, unstitching, stained, marked, ripped or further damage you will be asked to cover the cost. The proof of repair will be emailed to you for reimbursement, if damaged beyond repair and is no longer able to be rented out, the same terms for lost and stolen will apply.
  • We understand most people love to fake tan so that is okay but please ensure you have washed your tan off before wearing the garment. Tan that has not been washed off proves more difficult to get out of garments and you may be charged a dry cleaning bill if it is in a condition where the garment requires us to do so.  


Late fees

  • Weekend rentals must be returned in the provided return bag on pre-paid overnight courier by the Monday following your rental at 4pm. Failure to do so will result in a $20 late fee per day.
  • Weekday rentals are to be returned within 2 days and the same late fees will apply as weekend rentals.
  • If not returned within 14 days since the rental date, you will be charged the full RRP on top of your late fees.


Please make all payments within 1 week and contact Rio’s Rack as soon as possible. All garments must be returned to Rio’s Rack. Contact us if any of the above are applicable to you when the time comes, we would rather know than be left in the dark, thank you.



  • You will receive a courier bag with your rental, please use this to return to the supplier.
  • Lost courier bags will need to be replaced with overnight courier, paid by the renter.
  • Weekend rental is to be handed over the counter to a NZ Post shop by the following Monday by 4pm.
  • Weekday rental is to be handed over the counter with in 2 days of your event date.
  • Please refer to late fees for more information.


Collection and Drop Off

  • We have a studio located in Christchurch near the CBD and you will receive the address once payment is confirmed and a suitable plan can be arranged between the renter and supplier.



  • No refunds will apply if the dress is not worn, under any circumstance once it has been shipped to the customer.
  • If your rental does not arrive but was posted in time this is out of Rio's Rack control. We offer store credit for the cost of the original rental excluding the shipping costs in this case. You are required to post it back over the counter at an NZ Post store within 1 day of receiving the rental.
  • If you require more information regarding the product, please contact us directly.
  • If you no longer wish to rent the garment, please let us know as soon as possible, you will be given store credit if we know with in a minimum of 10 days before you event date.
  • If you receive a faulty garment, please send photo proof we will come to terms with an arrangement. If the item cannot be worn you will receive a full refund if both the supplier and renter agree.
  • You must send us the image on the day of delivery if the rental is faulty and it must return the following available postage day. If worn by the renter, there will be no negotiating.
  • Each rental date is based off the previous customer returning it within the time frame specified.
  • If your rental is damaged beyond repair prior to your rental date you will be contacted and can choose to book another garment that is available for that date, receive a store credit or a full refund via original payment method.


Tag us

  • We love to see images of you having fun in our beautiful garments, please tag us and if you don’t wish to be re shared on our socials, please specify.


Failure to comply with any of the above T&C’s, could result in a small courts claim, we do not wish any issues to escalate and would rather communicate and resolve with the customer directly.


Thank you for understanding our policies, we hope you enjoy our rentals.

Rio’s Rack.